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The Factory Of The Future

Alga Global is a crucible for commercialising unique  world class climate, pollution capture and bioreactor technologies. Bespoke, turnkey solutions, bringing a dynamic shift to sustainability and cost efficiencies for pollution capture, commercial production of high value natural pigments, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products derived from micro algae and micro organisms grown in our bioreactors. We thus have unique access to natural high value and high growth science, research, consumer product and carbon credits markets.

Carbon & Pollution Capture Systems
Capturing more then CO2 -NOx, SOx, CO ...

We design and implement Nature based Carbon & Pollution capture systems. Utilizing Algae and Scrubbing technologies to solve real world climate, emission, and pollution problems. Working with partners to create turnkey carbon reduction programs through carbon sequestration, carbon reduction, and carbon management.


An acre of commercial production annually is  equivalent to nearly 14,000 trees

  • Bespoke solutions designed and implemented to capture CO2 and Environmental Pollutants 

  • Our solutions can reduce car pollution by up to 50%

  • 1 million acres globally, can capture 300 Million Tonnes​


  • CO2

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Nitrogen Dioxide (EPA)

  • Ozone (EPA)

  • Particulate Matter

  • Lead (EPA)

  • Sulfur Dioxide

  • Six Common Pollutants (EPA)

Image by Thijs Stoop

Measurement & Sensor Technology


Algae Cell measures the removal and reduction of CO₂ and other pollutants in addition to measuring and monitoring the production of Algae within its proprietary sensor mesh and satellite sensing system.

By measuring the exact amount of CO₂ and pollutants reduced / removed from the atmosphere at the physical location, Algae Cell is able to verify and validate carbon credits in a wide range of formats. Algae Cell lets customers track their emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

The technology has over 8 years of development history optimization, currently at Technology Readiness (TRL) Level 6/7, offering a high return, de-risked investment opportunity

Modular and Ready to Scale

Our patented Air Accordion Photobioreactor, for example, has a modular design where each rack is separable and detachable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

With our unique modular cell design, scale up, expandability and industrialization opportunities are both derisked and accelerated, offering unparalleled speed to market for new products and bioscience applications.

The unique flexible plastic bag design mounted on a metal frame and the patented wave geometry, the Accordion technology provides optimal levels of mixing, fluid/mass transfer, lower shear rates, maximized light incidence and closed processing.

It has been tested for EPA, DHA and Spirulina (phycocyanin) performing on par with industry standards with the promise of good yields, low OPEX and CAPEX potential.

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