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Alga Global is on a mission to do two things; clean the air and feed the people. We are creating a circular economy from polluted air, simple. 

We design and build full life cycle solutions to empower industry to become sustainably greener and convert their polluted air into algae products and organic fertiliser.


We have three subsidiaries:

  • Algasystems - Our engineering division based in Istanbul, Turkiye. Algasystems conceptualises, designs and builds all systems and facilties for our global clientele

  • Alganox - Our pollution capture solutions division focuses on delivering sustainable solutions to transform industry into greener businesses.

  • Algaceuticals -  will focus on all upstream and downstream biomass production and management, creating multitude of b2b and b2c products for wider algal, pigments, fertiliser, cosmetics, pharma and nutraceuticals markets. 

  • Algalizer - Solely develop and sell organic fertiliser products for the global market.

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